For Tomorrow

For tomorrow who doesn't promise me anything: I still dare to believe. Even when yesterday was so tough, I'm sure there's strength left to survive. Dear tomorrow, You could just take anything from me, But I can't stop here, Cos my feet know where to go. They said, You're too far to be reached, But …


Contemplation #7

I'm a little surprised.  It's suddenly dark And I can't see anything. Are you still there?  If you're not, who am I talking with now?  This is so unexpected.  The distance paralyzes me, makes me no longer able to walk anywhere else.  Are you still there?  Cos if you're not, who else should I trust? …


The walls fall out. I'm run out of roof.  Nothing to cover me, just the clothes on my body.  I'm shaking.  I need more than warmth. I'm searching for home- That I just lost. 

Contemplation #6

Still seems odd.  Unbalanced. Incomplete.  The days without you here like a fiction.  I'm wondering,  Could I return to the reality without hurting myself? (129 days since you're gone)  #wedomissyou


#25th I looked back a lil bit, and still couldn't believe it. Countless steps. ups and downs. The direction sometimes changes. A vague goal, can be very clear just suddenly. Hurt.  Sick.  Heal and rise. I've had enough. Well, I'm not too young, not too old tho. Now I'm in between. And I am so …

Contemplation #4

I wonder If I...  If I could turn back time I thought I would have changed a thing. But I have no rewind button. And no matter what, I shouldn't have to change anything, should I?  There must be no regrets. There must be not.  I knew it.  I'm just a human who has to …

Contemplation #3

So many dreams that aren't reached. What can I do?  Cause in the end, it is not about dreams, but a journey to reality, that already set, before we even dream.