Contemplation #8

Remember. Regret. Longing. Then..followed by tears.


Just got married: Menikah dan merantau

Dua keputusan terbesar yang saya ambil (secara sangat..sangat..sangat sadar) dalam dua puluh lima tahun saya menjalani kehidupan ini adalah menikah, lalu satunya lagi, merantau. Yeah, I made that two desicions at the same time, can you imagine that? Oh, or maybe you have the same story?☺ So, yeah, I just married last february. Sebulan yang …

Dear Lord~

There is still silence every time I look back. The blow was still sore, but the spark raised me from this long nightmare. Remember how the cloudy day turned into a one fine day, I still lost my words. Fascinated by all the surprises you give. Though I'm shaking, I still dare to believe. Before …

For Tomorrow

For tomorrow who doesn't promise me anything: I still dare to believe. Even when yesterday was so tough, I'm sure there's strength left to survive. Dear tomorrow, You could just take anything from me, But I can't stop here, Cos my feet know where to go. They said, You're too far to be reached, But …


The walls fall out. I'm run out of roof.  Nothing to cover me, just the clothes on my body.  I'm shaking.  I need more than warmth. I'm searching for home- That I just lost. 

Contemplation #6

Still seems odd.  Unbalanced. Incomplete.  The days without you here like a fiction.  I'm wondering,  Could I return to the reality without hurting myself? (129 days since you're gone)  #wedomissyou


#25th I looked back a lil bit, and still couldn't believe it. Countless steps. ups and downs. The direction sometimes changes. A vague goal, can be very clear just suddenly. Hurt.  Sick.  Heal and rise. I've had enough. Well, I'm not too young, not too old tho. Now I'm in between. And I am so …